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True Super Heroes

In collaboration with the Fishman Group, which works for the integration and advancement of people with disabilities in Israeli society, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, and the “Fresh Paint” Contemporary Art Fair.

True Superheroes
The Card Games

Trading Cards of Superheroes with Disabilities

True Superheroes is an innovative project, designed to present a different point of view on people with disabilities. The project was created as a result of meetings between Bezalel students and SHALVA children, with the aim of promoting their acceptance as equals and valuable contributors in society.

 The unique board games are appropriate for the entire family, featuring characters based on children with disabilities. There are 3 different games featuring the True Superheroes: “Go Fish”, Jigsaw Puzzle and Memory Game.

 You are invited to purchase the fantastic card games and give them as a personal gift to customers, business partners, suppliers, family members, relatives and friends. In addition to the enjoyable experience you can have with the people around you, purchasing a card set will also help to increase the exposure of this extraordinary project and contribute to SHALVA.

The games are beautifully packaged and designed and they are manufactured with great care.

True Superheroes demonstrates that children with disabilities possess their own unique attributes and characteristics worthy of emulation, which make them real heroes.

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For more information or to make a purchase please contact Asaf: 02-6519555 Ext. 142    

Go Fish

In Go Fish, the profiles of the different characters are presented. There are four cards of every character. (see the details of the characters on the Heroes page below). Each card bears the name of the creator of the character.

The objective is to complete sets of 4.

The Go Fish game contains 40 carefully designed cards (10 sets of four cards each) and 8 additional blank cards for the self-preparation of two additional sets.

On the blank cards you can design "True Superheroes" of your own. Before you draw think of the following: Who is the hero? What is his character? What's his disability? What does he like to do in his spare time?

Memory Game

The game contains 54 cards (27 pairs). During the game each player, on his turn, flips over two cards while the rest of the cards are arranged face down. If the cards are a pair - he wins them and gets another as well. If they do not match the player puts them back face down.

The games are suitable for kids from pre-reading age and also can be played by the entire family.

You can gradually increase the number of cards included in the game to make it easier for younger players.

There is catalog of the characters attached to the game and you can go through the story behind the characters and learn about them while playing.

Puzzle Game

The game contains 54 designed cards. (6 puzzles with 9 pieces each).

The game is intended for a single participant or as a competition which includes various participants working on a number of puzzles (up to 6 participants).

The participants should arrange the pieces on a 3x3 flat surface, with each individual piece fitting perfectly into the adjacent pieces.

There is catalog of the characters attached to the game and you can go through the story behind the characters and learn about them while playing.

The game is suitable for all ages.

Moshe - A True Super-Hero

Moshe is 8 years old and autistic. Autistic children have difficulty with regular means of communication, but they have a rich inner world which they share with no one.  While his family, friends and neighbors live in a world of unrest and constantly fight with one another, Moshe lives in an imaginary world, where he is a superhero who flies through the sky and helps everyone. Sometimes, without intending to, Moshe’s imaginary world transforms into reality and he is able to solve the problems of those around him. More than anything else Moshe loves ice cream, but don’t expect him to give you a lick because most of the time his ice cream exists only in his mind…

Joseph - A True Super-Hero

Joseph is a sensitive kid who has Down’s syndrome. Children with Down’s syndrome are very loving and social characters who develop at their own pace and are endowed with a distinctive appearance. Joseph was born with special healing powers in his hands. He doesn’t know exactly how this happened, but he is able to heal the sick every time he is called on.  Joseph travels the country with his older brother, Chico, who takes care of all his needs. The thing that Joseph loves more than anything else is sleep. So, if you are in need of Joseph’s healing powers for minor things, like a headache for example, it may be worth waiting until he wakes up. 

Tamar - A true Super-Hero

Tamar is a dreamy child with great love for the world. Tamar has difficulty communicating with her surroundings and making things happen the way she would like because she suffers from a slight delay. However, Tamar has a distinct advantage: the light which comes from her palms can cause objects, animals, and even people to move from their place! In order to control her powers she wears gloves year round and removes them only when she needs to defend those around her. People don’t know why Tamar always wears gloves, but in moments of danger they quickly understand.

Max - A True Super-Hero

Ten year old Max, who is blind from birth, is a superhero thanks to his special power called echolocation. This power allows him to orientate himself within his surroundings through sound echoes, just like dolphins! Using his special ability and the help of his trusted robot Eli, Max comes to rescue anyone who is in trouble and needs help. He doesn’t rest until he accomplishes his goal: helping the elderly across the street, saving cats stuck in trees and even cheering up those who are sad! If you want to call Max for help, try communicating with him like the dolphins do.

Fauna - A True Super-Hero

Everyone knows that Bar Grandin has Down’s.  What people don’t know is that she doubles as Fauna, the legendary leader of the animal world. She has the ability to train birds, speak to them, understand them and help them with protecting humanity from danger. Fauna has a very good friend, her trusted eagle and they love to ride horses together. When people look at Bar they see a normal girl who is a bit dreamy and has Down’s syndrome, but those who know her well, know that she is also Fauna, a True Superhero

Dani - A True Super-Hero

Dani is 13 and autistic. He can transmit senses and feelings to others through his eyes and in order to ensure that they get to the right person at the right time he must always be wearing his sunglasses. Dani lives in a special village with other superhero friends, like Ora for example, and together they take part in secret missions for the chief of staff. Their unit is called “The Mighty Elite”. On his time off Dani likes to watch soccer. So if you run into him on the field, you should know that one look into his eyes can cause you to love him!

Ora - A True Super-Hero

Ora is a 12 year old girl who uses her super powers to hear everything despite being deaf, even things that regular people can't hear! How does she do it? Ora has a special tool shaped like a stethoscope (the tool that doctors use to listen to your heart) which helps her to sense sound waves and to translate them in her head into words. Just like Dani, Ora lives in the special village with "The Mighty Elite" and is called to special secret missions. In her down time, Ora loves to read the paper and she possesses extraordinary curiosity. If you want to be her friend, tell her something interesting she doesn't yet know.

Soam - A True Super-Hero

Soam was born far away in Siberia.  His father is a magician and Soam is trying to learn how to use his magical healing powers in order to help people. Soam has Down's Sydrome, which gives him a different look than the other residents of the village. Therefore, someone who runs into him may think he needs help, but really Soam is the brave warrior who can get you out of trouble if you ever get caught in danger. Soam knows that one day he will prove to the people of his village and to the entire world how important he is to them.  Until then he wanders in the wilderness of Siberia and looks for ways to help people.

Ayal - A True Super-Hero

Ayal has cerebral palsy. That means that his mobility is limited and he uses a wheelchair. To prevent Ayal from being sad, his grandfather built him a robotic wheelchair. The robotic chair has many features and tricks which give Ayal the ability to do anything he wants and with a lot more fun! He can take his dog out for a very long walk without getting tired, “take care of” bullies and even fly! Obviously, with the help of his robotic chair and his superhero powers, Ayal can help not only himself, but others as well. 

Matilda - A True Super-Hero

Matilda is a curious girl who loves to travel. Matilda has Down's syndrome and therefore she looks and behaves slightly differently from the people around her. On a family trip to Peru, Matilda was bewitched by a local magician and since then she has the ability to turn into a pachamak; a local creature with especially powerful superhero abilities.  She is very curious and in order that people won’t bother her she usually hides and watches everyone from a distance. It’s not wise to get Matilda angry, but it is very important to be near her when you need help!

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