A Brighter Tomorrow. Today.

Step inside Jerusalem’s newest landmark and be AMAZED.

Welcome inside.

We’ve cut the ribbon on the Shalva National Center – the largest and most impressive facility of its kind on earth.

You think that’s a big statement? Then come see it for yourself and be amazed.

Until your visit, just imagine the 850+ children with a wide array of disabilities who are thriving right now in thanks to gorgeous, cutting edge facilities and equipment:

  • Two pools
  • Café Shalva run by program graduates
  • 400 seat auditorium with unprecedented wheelchair access and live assistance for the blind and deaf
  • 6 acres of parks and a double-decker playground fit for kids and grownups of all abilities.
  • Countless classrooms and therapy spaces outfitted with the most effective equipment available
  • And so much more!

Over a quarter century of success rests on a foundation of values.
Throughout they have inspired families, impacted systems and created new social standards.
These values also serve as the blueprints of the Shalva National Center. 


Everything we do is driven by a single truth: that a strong family ensures a successful child. Our rich history draws inspiration from a resilient mother who challenged the tide and raised her son with disabilities together with the family. Today, we’ve developed a solution that allows countless parents to do the same.

In the Center:
Stepping into the open architecture and heartwarming interior design of the National Center lands you in the dreams of every child. And because we want to embrace the whole family, reception and support areas are woven into the program floors. Now siblings and grandparents can witness and partake in the rehabilitative process too.

Get a Closer Look:
Me and My Mommy
• Library
Respite Program

Therapy for All

When so many parents are struggling with faceless bureaucracy, we’re taking them by the hand. By providing ease-of-access to our track of award-winning therapies, we are maximizing each child’s potential and changing lives.

In the Center:
The Center is a one-stop-shop of excellent intervention; where children and families can flow seamlessly from one exceptional facility to another, achieving unimaginable growth while saving time and cutting costs. Increased space and broad partnerships have allowed us to invite more children to benefit from never-before experienced programs in Israel.

Get a Closer Look:
Hydrotherapy Pools
• Fitness Center
Oral Hygiene Wellness Center/OHEV Program


We strongly oppose discrimination against individuals with disabilities and have driven government, academic and cultural personalities to push the issue forward. By increasing community integration and providing real-life skills training we’re inspiring a more inclusive society.

In the Center:
We put our children in the community’s focus. Therefore, the Center is located in the heart of a residential neighborhood at the entrance to the Jerusalem. Plus, the Shalva National Center is a pioneer of reverse inclusion, that sees individuals from communities world-over coming to us to join the movement and get hands-on experiences in our pools, parks and inclusive pre-school.

Get a Closer Look:
National Park for Inclusion
• Inclusive Early Childhood Programs
Café Shalva

Early Intervention & Education

Every child must get the support and tools they need, exactly when they need it. With heavily researched programs for every stage of life, every participant is afforded their very best shot at a rewarding future.

In the Center:
The Shalva National Center is home to the most impressive inclusive preschool in Jerusalem. Additionally, we house the only training facility that readies our participants for the workforce while preparing business owners to employ them. A rare continued education program for the integration of minorities makes the National Center the forefront of disability-related education.

Get a Closer Look:
Me and My Mommy
• Rehabilitative Day Care Center
Inclusive Preschools
Employment Training
Education and Training Center

Culture, Leisure & the Arts

We’re ready. Today’s diverse culture thrives on diverse input, especially from individuals with disabilities. Shalva continues to create venues for artistic self-expression that benefits our participants while engaging and enriching the community.

In the Center:
The Center is packed with facilities for participants to maximize their potentials and make their dreams a reality. With world-class facilities for drama and art therapies as well as a 100% accessible auditorium, the Shalva National Center offers spotlight moments available nowhere else.

Get a Closer Look:
Shalva Band
• Shalva Idol
Employment Studio Workshop
Music Room
Drama Room

Independent Living

Freedom means living the life you want, and Shalva’s participants share that dream. From learning to hold a spoon and following through to self-determined employment, Shalva instills the concrete skills that open the doors to an independent future.

In the Center:
The Shalva National Center hosts an independent living area where young adults can gain real-life experience with autonomous responsibility. Additionally, there are dozens of options where program graduates can find meaningful employment of their choosing with fair pay.

Get a Closer Look:
Respite Program
• Summer Camp
Independent Living Apartments
Music Room
Employment Training for Adults with Disabilities
Virtual Reality Job Interview Simulation Program

Research & Development

Real success requires feet-on-the-ground research. Shalva’s International Academic Committee and constellation of professional relationships ensure that our know-how is expanding so that our programs continue to evolve. And the ultimate proof? We are proud that our findings and models are shared world over.

In the Center:
The center’s open design keeps communication between care-providers and data-analysts fluid. Additionally, the Center’s host of conference and seminar spaces will allow for the training of new field professionals and the dissemination of critical information and new findings to the public.

Get a Closer Look:
International Academic Committee
Hadassah Conference
Education and Training Center

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