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SHALVA Idol is an annual event where the children take center stage to perform songs and tunes they have been preparing for months in advance. One night a year the auditorium fills to the brim with thousands of people who celebrate the stars of SHALVA and their talents. Every child, from the highest functioning to the lowest, has an irreplaceable role as part of the performance.

The SHALVA Idol initiative was started by Shai Ben-Shoshan, a member of the Duvdevan elite army unit, who was injured during a military operation. Shai made a promise to himself during that difficult time, that if he came out of the situation unharmed, he would voluntarily dedicate his time to people less fortunate than himself. Soon enough Shai found himself speaking to Kalman Samuels and utilizing his love for music, the idea of SHALVA Idol was born.

Shai spends countless hours a week teaching children of all ages and capabilities, classic and modern songs which they practice and perfect for the evening. Shai coordinates choreographed musical sketches for each group according to their individual strengths and abilities. The process helps the children learn how to work together and make group decisions, with each child contributing to the final product. At the end of the evening all the children are winners. 

SHALVA Idol serves as a testament to what children with special needs can do with the proper guidance, attention and belief in their abilities. 

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