The Association for Mentally & Physically Challenged Children in Israel

Standards and Management

SHALVA is committed to attaining the highest standards of management and transparency in all we do. We hold ourselves to a strict criterion.

International Standards of Management Certification
SHALVA's operations in Israel have achieved ISO 9001/2000 recognition and certification for compliance with the highest international standards of quality management. SHALVA is the first Israeli organization of its kind to attain this status.

Midot's Seal of Outstanding Effectiveness
SHALVA is the first and only non-profit organization in the field of special needs to receive Midot’s Seal of Outstanding Effectiveness. There are only ten organizations within several years that have received this stamp of approval.

The Seal of Outstanding Effectiveness comes after a full-year evaluation by the Israeli organization Midot, which strives to promote impact and effectiveness within non-profit organizations. They have assessed SHALVA in all of the following areas: planning and performance, learning and participation, human resources, and financial management.

The seal is granted to organizations based on their level of effectiveness, not just as a center of excellence but, beyond that, also making a positive impact on society. The Seal of Outstanding Effectiveness is a reflection of our ability to improve the lives of children with special needs and their families, as well as our capacity to create social value through our outreach and advocacy work within the world at large.
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Selected Citations from the Ministry of Treasury Report
The Ministry of Treasury conducts periodic audits of non profits for the purpose of examining numerous managerial parameters. At SHALVA, the results reflect stringent and meticulous norms of conduct.

"The audit revealed that the organization used its financial and non-financial resources strictly for its designated activities and goals."
"The organization did not deviate from the prescribed ratio of administration expenses in relation to the overall budget as specified by the Ministry of Finance."
"No irregularities were found in the financial statements."
"The audit found that the organization maintains activities in accordance with the goals specified in its by-laws."
"The organization's financial records maintain clear separation of income sources, thereby enabling a clear audit."
"The audit notes that there were no limitations to information made available and the auditor enjoyed the full cooperation of the organization."
"The inspection concluded that the funds transferred to the organization from the Ministries of Welfare and Health, during 2003-2004 were used for their designated purpose, according to the Support Examinations of the Budgeting Regulation and to the Support Committee conditions.

"The financial records of the organization are professionally managed with clear supporting documents."
"The audit revealed that the organization is financially stable, managed professionally, and capable of further development."


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