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Summer Camp

A Summer Dream for SHALVA's Children and their Families

During the summer vacation, there is a considerable shortage of adequate programming for children with special needs. The immediate effect is a heavy burden on family members as well as serious disruptions of work hours, domestic functioning and the care of other children in the family. Life becomes one long hunt for things to do and the summer vacation turns into a challenging experience. Additionally, in the absence of a professional framework, there is the danger of regression in the hard-earned progress of the child with special needs. 

SHALVA's summer program provides a perfect solution and brings balance back to the entire family. The special summer program operates at SHALVA for eight complete weeks. Under the guidance of the experienced staff, the kids enjoy a rich daily program that includes swimming, art workshops, sports and daily outings. The highlight of the summer program is the eight-day sleep away camp that takes place in a beautiful setting each year. The SHALVA kids look forward to this trip all year long. The camp includes activities such as camel riding, jeep trips, cable car rides, an airplane tour in the country, kayaking and performances by famous entertainers. This is the longest period of time during the year that SHALVA's Children spend away from home and with their friends. Thus, at the same time they are acquiring important social skills, the children enjoy a memorable experience. 

Adhering to the highest level of disability standards, parents are secure in the knowledge that their children are well taken care of. As a result, they are able to get what they need most of all - a real summer vacation in which to enjoy each other's company without being restricted by mobility issues and the need to provide constant supervision. 

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