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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Communication is an essential tool for every child's personal and social interactions and the key to any potential relationships. The average toddler does not require special support to progress through the various developmental stages; he conceptualizes through a natural process of trial and error. However, the process of acquiring skills for toddlers with special needs does not come on its own; much effort and resources are needed to help these children master the required skills. 

In the area of communication, this problem is magnified. The stimulations are less tangible and structured for the inexperienced parent and professional intervention is vital. The properly designed therapy can prevent the communication gap from increasing and inhibit the formation of irreversible impediments. The speech therapists at SHALVA address a wide range of problems including those that relate directly to verbal communication as well as issues that are closely related.

Therapy services which serve to improve children's communication skills include:
  * Sensory-motor area: Stimulation of sensations and flavors in the mouth area and around it 
  * Neuro-motor area: Creation and embedding of links between forming a sound or eating and the mouth or facial features 
  * Auditory-phonological Distinction: Relation to sounds within a background noise; identifying voices and words 
  * Developing communication skills with others and developing an ability to communicate with the world; decoding surrounding events 
  * Acquiring a pragmatic understanding and adjusting reactions to various situations, such as right and wrong, good and bad, safe and dangerous 
  * Learning cognitive terms that are mostly lip oriented: names of objects and their uses, primary categories: foods, clothing, animals, colors, directions etc. 
  * Learning the pronunciation of vocal sounds for the purpose of producing words and forming basic sentences 

All progress, no matter the pace, improves the ability of the child with special needs to communicate and create relationships with family, friends and the world around him. 

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