The Association for Mentally & Physically Challenged Children in Israel

Awards and Recognition

SHALVA is an internationally recognized vanguard in its field and has been the recipient of many prestigious awards

  * President of Israel Prize for Excellence

  * Mayor of Jerusalem’s Award for Exceptional Service

  * Jerusalem’s Award of Distinction for National Service Volunteers 2007
  * Shalem Foundation Award as “Israel’s Most Unique Program for the Mentally Challenged”

  * Israel Association of Social Workers Award for SHALVA’s contributions in the area of Social Work with the Special Needs Child
   * Knesset Speaker’s Quality of Life Prize in Honor of Teddy Kollek for Leadership & Public Excellence

  * Aminadav National Service Award for Excellence

  * Jerusalem’s Award of Distinction for National Service Volunteers

  * SHALEM Foundation Award 

  * Ruderman Foundation Prize for the integration of children with special needs
  * Two winners of the Ministry of Education Outstanding Volunteer Award
  * Midot’s Seal of Outstanding Effectiveness

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Upcoming events
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Upcoming events

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