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Hapoel-SHALVA Jerusalem League in the Capital

The on-going cooperation between Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem and SHALVA has brought about many exciting initiatives in the past and this time we are stepping it up a notch.

Hapoel Jerusalem team organizes basketball events for children and youth throughout Jerusalem. The team runs many sports programs throughout the city as part of after-school activities in addition to basketball clubs in the community and neighborhood centers around the city.

This year (5773) we are proud to announce that Jerusalem has added another team – the SHALVA Hapoel Team.

The team's first practice was held on the day the Israeli team landed for the para-Olympic games in London. We at SHALVA also felt as though we are standing on the starting line of a new challenge.
The Shalva Children Team is the first special team in The Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball League. Awarded with a Hapoel Jerusalem uniform, complete with their name printed on the back of their personal jersey, the children practice and play as a team.

It is a truly an inspiring event, as the gym is filled with excitement, while parents, school staff and friends root for the players.

This initiative has two main goals. The first and main goal is educational in nature. The team empowers the SHALVA children and gives them another tool for integrating into the community. The second and very important goal is advocacy and familiarity with the world of special needs among sports enthusiasts in Jerusalem, Israel, and the world beyond.

We will continue to report on the achievements of the team and its games in the future.

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