The Association for Mentally & Physically Challenged Children in Israel

The Wonderful Adventures of the True Superheroes

A joint venture of SHALVA and the Jerusalem Post


We at SHALVA undoubtedly believe that the children here are superheroes. They teach us what life is all about, how to live to the fullest, and they continually inspire us with their every smile and step forward. It is this side of the world of special needs that we strive to show others – their strength and talents and unique abilities. The Jerusalem Post has graciously agreed to help us in this mission. Every week there will be a full page comics called True Superheroes, based on SHALVA children with special needs. There are ten animated characters, each with a disability that is also their superpower.

Humor is a perfect way to teach the world that individuals with special needs are valuable members of society. This is a project of our Advocacy and Outreach Department which works to promote social change, to create a society of tolerance and acceptance for individuals with special needs.

This is a project in partnership with the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. The initiative is in collaboration with Fishman group and the FreshPaint Fair for Contemporary Art. The comic will be produced weekly by renowned Israeli cartoonist, Uri Fink.

True Superheroes first appeared on Nov. 1st 2012 and we are very excited to hear your reactions. Pick up a copy of the Jerusalem Post or just enter the following posts and tell us what you think.

Please help us in our mission of creating a society of tolerance and acceptance – share the comics
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The Wonderful Adventures of the True Superheroes

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