The Association for Mentally & Physically Challenged Children in Israel

Notable Visitors

Taglit-Birthright visits SHALVA
Taglit-Birthright Israel students from around the world visited SHALVA today and we were thrilled to welcome them. The students met some of our wonderful children, joined a spontaneous band practice, met with Yossi and got a tour of SHALVA’s facilities.

President of Israel Shimon Peres
"All those who criticize Israel should come to SHALVA and witness the other side of Israel. The most noble, loving, and caring Israel. I am proud to be part of this Israel."

Tzipi Livni
“Thank you for welcoming me so warmly and treating these children with dignity. SHALVA is amazing!”

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel
"I wish to acknowledge the remarkable work of the SHALVA organization and the invaluable role this organization has played in Israel's development."

Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem
"You not only inspire the children and the families that you work with, but you serve as an inspiration for all of us who wish to make Jerusalem and Israel a better place for generations to come."

Rep. Tom Lantos (obm), former U.S. Congressman, California
"At SHALVA, there is a spirit of warmth and friendship, love and brotherhood which cannot be manufactured. It comes from the very bottom of their hearts and from the very bottom of their souls."

Breifne O'Reilly- Ambassador from Ireland
"In every corner you see great reserves of hope. If I had to bring one message to the world after visiting with the impressive people at SHALVA, I'd say that this is a magical world of hope. "

M.K. Isaac Herzog, former Minister of Welfare & Social Services
"You have my most heartfelt admiration as you confront the challenge of ensuring that no child be turned away from receiving SHALVA services. I take great pride in all you've accomplished… this place colors the world with hope, and with great success"

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