Change the life of a child with disabilities.

With your support, 2,000 children with disabilities who attend Shalva’s programs on a weekly basis,

will achieve more, go further and enjoy a greater quality of life.

Me and My Mommy

A one-on-one therapy training program for infants from birth to eighteen months and their parents.

Inclusion Early Childhood Center

The Inclusion Center presents a unique educational environment where children of all abilities learn together and interact as equals.

Rehabilitative Recreation

A life-skills oriented, recreational program for children aged 6-21 with a variety of disabilities. Children and teens enjoy an array of recreational activities on a daily basis; like sports, drama, dance, and art

Sports and Wellness

A hub of community-wide, inclusive fitness activities for Shalva’s children and the broader public. Our children benefit from hydrotherapy and swimming lessons, inclusive basketball teams , and Shalva’s rehabilitative Judo school.

Oral Health for Everyone

OHEV is a pioneering program geared toward decreasing the cost and risk of dental treatments for children with disabilities and improving their long-term health and quality of life.

Family Support

Shalva supports parents to raise their children with disabilities at home within the family framework and a staff of social workers and disability professionals provide personal counseling and conduct ongoing support groups.

Programs for Adults

Shalva creates a supportive framework for adults with disabilities to live independently as contributing members of society. Shalva also employs adults with disabilities in its various departments and our employees receive the supportive guidance necessary to navigate an inclusive workplace setting.

Vocational Training

Shalva’s Vocational Training Center provides young adults with disabilities with the job skills necessary to effectively join the mainstream job force. Graduates gain vocational skills and self-confidence and skills that enable them to lead more independent lives.

Independent Living in the Community

Shalva’s independent living initiative is geared toward providing community-based apartment residences for adults with disabilities in the Jerusalem area.