SHALVA was honored to host Israel’s Minister of Welfare & Social Services, Haim Katz, Chairman of Israel’s Histadrut (National Union), Avi Nisan Koren, and a delegation of leading government officials including the Deputy Head of Budget at the Treasury, who came to SHALVA for an informative and inspiring visit.

During their visit the group met with SHALVA’s children and Yossi and got to witness first-hand multiple, life changing programs. Following their visit and tour of SHALVA’s facilities – both the New National Center and current SHALVA Center – the delegation met to discuss issues of programming innovation, budget allocation, new developments and future services that SHALVA will be able to offer in the National Center.

From the perspective of SHALVA as well as the Ministry of Social Welfare and Social Services yesterday’s visit was a historic event, representing ever-growing ties between SHALVA and the pertinent government bodies. Minister Katz expressed his desire to personally push SHALVA’s initiatives forward and integrate the National Center into nation-wide governmental operations.