At Shalva we are constantly seeking ways to build a warmer and more accepting tomorrow.

We are therefore so proud to announce that this coming September, coinciding with the inauguration of the new Shalva National Center, we will be launching the largest Inclusion Preschool Program of its kind in Israel. That means that children of all abilities will learn, play and grow as equals.

Why is an Inclusion Preschool Program so important? Because reshaping the future is a lifetime’s worth of work. Studies show that mixed settings where children with disabilities and children with typical development actually create mutually beneficial behavioral models. Everyone learns patience, acceptance and caring.

Do you see what we’re seeing here? This program is plating seeds for a lifetime of inclusion and equality.

Like all of our programs, the Inclusion Preschool Program will be operated by professional educators and therapists. The amazing facilities is the new National Center; like the interactive theater, petting zoo, semi-olympic pool and the six acres of park area will be made available to all participants equally.

This is really where it’s at. A meaningful purpose coupled with amazing facilities ensures an optimal educational and cultural experience for your child.

To register your child to the Preschool Program, please email or call +972-73-2324107, Sunday-Thursday, 7:30 – 1:30.