Top 18 Pictures of 2018
The year Shalva’s children and graduates stepped on to center stage.

The photos below capture 18 of the moments in 2018 that left us awestruck, grateful and most of all, hopeful about the change we are bringing about together

It was the year that Shalva’s children and graduates showed us they can be their own ambassadors for change as they took center stage on all kinds of platforms in Israel and around the world.

A Standing Ovation
The Shalva Band gave a jaw-dropping performance at the closing plenary of the GA ceremony leaving the audience of 3,000 community leaders from around the world spellbound.

A Winning Shot
Hapoel ‘Bank Yahav’ Jerusalem Basketball Club continued its annual tradition of hosting the Shalva Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Team on Hannukah. A team with this much heart has gotta win – 87:75. #goteam

Running the Day
And coloring the streets purple and yellow! Team Shalva took over the Jerusalem Marathon with over 600 international runners and another 1,000 running side by side with our children and their families in the community run.

Queens for a Day
Everyone should celebrate their Bar and Bat Mitzvot in style. Children at Shalva, coming of age this year, celebrated this milestone together with their families, music, presentations, a festive meal and dancing well into the night. #canwedoitagain

This is Independence
The chance to be a kid, zip-line with friends, forget for a while that walking is challenging, and simply enjoy summer camp. For Sapir, the summer can’t come soon enough!

My Ambassador, My Friend
U.S Ambassador to Israel David M. Friedman and his wife Tammy connected with Yossi when visiting the Shalva Center. Following their visit, the Ambassador tweeted “Anyone seeking affirmation of the sanctity and value of every human life must visit!”

Championing Inclusion
Shalva’s Judo trainees, proudly wearing their yellow belts, opened the 2018 European Judo Championship. Give them the medal!

More Power to Them
A group of superheroes redefined powerful as they battled wind and snowstorms in a climb to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro on behalf of Shalva’s children. Powerful is pushing your limits for others!

200 gap year students jump at the opportunity to volunteer at Shalva week after week, with dedication and love. These leaders of tomorrow are Shalva’s spirit of today.

Hand in Hand
No one throws a party like the Waldorf Astoria does! And no one is more thrilled than our children to welcome management and staff to Shalva for a festive Hannukah party. Seen here xxxx, manager, lighting the menorah together with Tamrat.

Be Our Guest!
Our friends around the world joined us for Gala Evenings, Celebrity Chef Events and Game Nights in cities around the world including NY, Florida, Toronto, London, Mexico & Tel Aviv. Events with say! Events with meaning!

A Home of My Own
This summer, Shalva opened its first independent living home! Residents feel so proud to be living on their own and to be part of a community.

Strength in Numbers
550 athletes, part of the Maccabi World Union, aged 14-16, from 11 countries around the world (wow!), visited Shalva for an experiential tour. They played basketball, kickball, dance and movement with our children and a fun time was had by all.

Inclusion and Coexistence
A multiethnic group of dental students, accompanied by Dean Amid Ismail, attended a week-long seminar at Shalva, focusing on Shalva’s successful OHEV (Oral Hygiene for Everyone) Program. All agreed that Shalva’s children inspired them most.

The Shalva Band Went Viral
Following their I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E audition on Israel’s rising star, Shalva’s various social media platforms went wild as more than 1.5 million people viewed the video and even more were introduced to the amazingness that is The Shalva Band.

The Prime Minister Visits
It was an honor to host the Governments Press Office Annual New Year’s Toast for the Foreign Press at Shalva. The event was attended by 350 journalists from the top networks around the world.

Change is Brewing
Shalva’s adults with disabilities package herbal blends and boutique teas, providing the young adults with vocational training and the job skills necessary to effectively join the mainstream job force. The teas are sold at the Shalva SHOP and at other locations.

Hello 2019!
I can’t wait to see what you bring.

Participants with Disabilities Helped on a Weekly Basis
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Hours of Therapy Given Annually
People Touched by one of Shalva’s Inclusion Projects

We’re on a mission

to provide quality care for people with disabilities, empower their families, and promote social inclusion.

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