Accessibility Standards at Shalva

We do everything we can to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to enjoy their lives and to make the Shalva building as accessible as possible.

High Standards throughout the building include:

  • Designated parking spots at the entrance of the building for disability accessible vehicles that are visibly marked
  • Elevators with voice and brail buttons
  • Disability accessible bathrooms
  • Black lines on the floor of the lobby to assist people who have vision impairments
  • Disability accessible information: read out load and enlarged written materials
  • Accessible telephone service
  • Staff training to ensure accessibility of all programs
  • Accessible auditorium and podium
  • Accessible and inclusive Café Shalva
  • Accessible website by AA standards

Accessibility Declaration

This website meets all the requirements of equality regulations and rights for people with disabilities (Adapted Accessibility Services 2013).  This website follows the recommended Israeli guidelines (article 5568) for making internet content accessible at AA standards and according to the recommendations of the WCAG2 document from the organization W3C.  It is adapted to popular internet browsers and for mobile phone use.

Since 2013, equality regulations and rights for people with disabilities demand that any website that provides services or public information must have adapted disability accessible features.  According to clause 35 of the regulation, Shalva is categorized as a ‘public service supplier’ and must adapt its website to meet Israeli accessibility standards and regulations (article 5568).  According to this clause, the organization must declare that the information and services provided on the website ( meet accessibility standards and regulations by law (article 5568).

AA website standard ensures compatibility with multiple internet browsers including Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.  The website provides high-level functionality and accessibility to all information and special features, with an emphasis on keyboard accessibility and design.

Website Accessibility from handheld devices:

The organization declares that the website’s accessibility features are also available through smartphones and all other smart devices.  Using “responsive technology”, these features can automatically adapt to every kind of file such as computers, touch screens (iPads, smartphones) and to various resolutions.  All of the accessibility-adapted features found on the regular site will be available from a smartphone or other handheld device.  The organization would like to clarify that because new technologies are frequently updated, problems sometimes arise and can only be addressed when they are properly identified.

If you discover a part of the website that is not accessible, please contact us and we will follow up as soon as possible.

Contact us:

If you encounter a problem with accessibility on the website or during a visit to the center, please let us know and we will address the problem as soon as possible.

Accessibility Coordinator at Shalva: Itamar Shevach

Address: 1 Shalva Road, Jerusalem
Phone: 02 651-9555 ext. 567
Fax: 073-389-5811

For your convenience, instead of waiting on the line, send us an email with the subject of your concern and we will get back to you as soon as possible.