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Visit / Tour The Shalva National Center

Experience first hand the magic of inclusion. The hour-long tour of the Shalva National Center will give you an insider’s glimpse into our programming. During the tour, visitors learn the story of Shalva, its vision, the challenges, and about the many varied activities within the Center.

Groups: For groups over 10 participants, please schedule in advance by contacting
Individual visitors: Under 10 participants, join one of Shalva’s “Open House” Tours offered once a month.
Please email for exact dates and times.

Tours are free of charge and given in English or Hebrew.

Before or after the tour, you can take advantage of on-site activities including –

Cafe Shalva

An inclusive, family-friendly, boutique café, offering a menu of Mediterranean-Italian fusion cuisine. The café is an equal opportunity work setting with a staff comprised of adults with and without disabilities working side-by-side. Visit the Cafe website HERE.

Shalva SHOP

The Shalva SHOP carries delightful and unique gifts created with love including ceramics, handmade soaps, and jewelry in partnership with YVEL. Products are designed and created by Shalva’s adults with disabilities in our Creative Studio and are made of the highest quality materials. Also available are boutique teas packaged by Shalva graduates and custom artwork by David Gerstein for Shalva.

Proceeds from all these initiatives, after all related expenses, benefit Shalva’s children.

For more information, contact or by calling 02-6519555 x. 246

Volunteer at Shalva

We have limited volunteering opportunities for anyone wanting to donate their time to Shalva consistently on a weekly or biweekly basis. Hebrew skills are appreciated but not mandatory.

For more information, contact

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
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