A Taste of Harmony

Cafe Shalva is a boutique café that is also an equal-opportunity work setting where an inclusive staff work as managers, waiters, and hosts. The cafe’s menu and management was developed in partnership with elite culinary establishments, Derech Hagefen in Beit Zayit and Café Itamar, and its interior design is artistically crafted to inspire newfound understandings of inclusion and acceptance.

Come on over. You’ll find the menu full with vibrant salads, rich pastas, fresh fish, mouth-watering desserts and a restaurant staff that will etch its way into your heart forever.

We’ve reserved a table just for you.

Our Food

Our kitchen offers you a menu of Mediterranean-Italian fusion cuisine enveloping your palate with a fusion of Israeli, Greek and Italian classics, all Kosher L’Mehadrin. Enjoy an array of wholesome breakfasts, rich pastas, fresh fish, vibrant seasonal salads and delicious desserts.

Take a peek at the menus and step into fresh fields and rustic confectionary shops.

Do Good. Feel Good

The Shalva National Center opens new doors for individuals with disabilities and their families. The center is a beacon of inclusion and an international leader of innovative programs and research and offers programs, services and facilities never before available in Israel.

Shalva, the Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities is dedicated to providing transformative care for individuals with disabilities, empowering their families and promoting social inclusion.

Shalva provides an all-encompassing range of services for thousands of people with disabilities from infancy to adulthood and their families. Shalva’s comprehensive life-cycle programming provide leading-edge therapies, inclusive educational frameworks, social and recreational activities, employment training, and independent living, as well as respite and family support.

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The Shalva National Center
1 Shalva Road, Jerusalem
(Free Parking)

For more information, call: 073-282-2200

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thur: 08:00-22:30  /  Fri 08:00-14:00

Kosher L’Mehadrin

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