Project Description

Celebrating Together

Becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a tremendous milestone and the best way to transition into adulthood is by doing something meaningful for the community. Shalva offers two inspirational ways to uplift the Bar/Bat Mitzvah occasion.

While participating in the ‘Come Dance With Us!’ program, Bnei Mitzvah join Shalva in Israel where they will celebrate with the children of Shalva as their guests of honor. Through the ‘Build a Bridge!’ program, the Bnei Mitzvah don’t have to travel to Israel to pass on the inspiration. Creating a mitzva project to raise money or sharing a portion of your gifts with the children of Shalva can enhance your celebration. Bnei Mitzvah receive an honorary plaque and a place on Shalva’s Scroll of Honor.

This tremendous statement of support for Israel and inclusive values is a meaningful and memorable way to celebrate the occasion of becoming Bar / Bat Mitzvah.