Shalva Idol:
A Chance to Shine

For more than a decade, Shalva Idol has been taking the stage as the largest show of its kind in Israel; performed by hundreds of children with disabilities before an enthusiastic audience of nearly 2,000 people from the broader community. All of the children in Shalva’s music therapy programs, regardless of age and ability, have a role on stage. This highlight event combines music, vocals, and drama in a truly inspiring statement of reverse inclusion, where it is individuals with disabilities who do the hosting. In the past, Shalva’s children performed alongside celebrity artists, but have recently chosen to successfully produce their own musical performances

Bringing the unique talents of each child into the spot light, Shalva Idol is a chance for every child to become a star: dancing, singing, or playing musical instruments in a truly empowering environment while illustrating their immense potential as contributing members of society.