Repositioning Shalva for Growth

Our journey towards refreshing Shalva’s brand has been a story of self-rediscovery. We sat around a big table with The Experts. We debated, deliberated and drank lots of black coffee. And after boiling ourselves down to core values and our honest vision for the future, we realized that our existing messages are true and invaluable for our future growth. Because of this, we crafted an updated look and feel that reflects Shalva’s history, spirit and mission going forward.

There are big things unfolding. Today, we roll back the curtain on the stage where it’s all going to happen. We feel like our new presentation really encapsulates our incredible growth while positioning ourselves for the future.

Take a look. We think that you’ll agree.

Logo & Tagline

Our 3-pronged logo represents family support: the child in the middle, supported by 2 parents.

The image of a strong family is what all of Shalva’s activities are about. Twenty five years has proven that the success of the family rests on strong foundations of hope, love, respect for all people, and individual empowerment… all emerging from a core dedication to excellence.

“Inspiring Hope, Changing Lives”
With our expertise, we provide the inspiration and practical development that ultimately leads to a drastically improved life.

Who is Shalva

There are four essential elements that bond in forming our organization’s soul. When you hear our name, you should know that Shalva…

Provides innovative, high quality and comprehensive therapies, programs and educational services.
Supports the inclusion of individuals with disabilities from birth to adulthood and guarantees children’s rights to inclusion as valued members of our society.
Empowers families of children with disabilities through the experience of fellowship, provision of quality care and creating a sense of loving trust.
Promotes social change through diverse advocacy initiatives that engage the community and propel it towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Shalva’s Promise

Shalva reaches out to embrace child and family, surrounding them with love, support and offering hope for the future. Through its child & family-centered programming, partnerships and ongoing advocacy, Shalva models how to meaningfully integrate special needs children into the family, and into the community.

To provide quality care in an atmosphere of love and support.
To give families a real sense of hope.
To be open to all and treat everyone with the dignity.
To advocate for social change and empower individuals with special needs to participate in their communities in meaningful ways.
To offer all its services free of charge.


As a vital Shalva friend & partner, you’ve had a front-row seat to the remarkable impact Shalva has had on on hundreds of children with disabilities and thousands of their family members.
Join us as we embark on this new chapter of global impact.