Shalva is Israel’s official National Crisis Response Center for People with Disabilities. The Center provides people with disabilities from across the country with comprehensive services in times of crisis. The center assures their physical safety and rehabilitative stability, accompanied with social and emotional support. This initiative was developed by Shalva in partnership with the IDF’s home front command and the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services.

Recently, extreme hot weather conditions led to widespread fires across the country, threatening homes and forcing entire communities to evacuate. Among those forced to flee the fire were a group of some 150 people with disabilities who lived in the community of Roglit, who came to Shalva together with their support staff. Shalva’s staff stepped into action, and the group was quickly settled in at Shalva.

Shalva is proud to once again be able to serve people with disabilities in Israel, providing security and assurance to them and their families