We have so much to be thankful for

It’s been a tremendous year. Epic in every sense of the word. And the truth is that we couldn’t have done it without you. That’s right; every single one our friends and supporters plays a unique role in the vast impact that Shalva continues to make.

Here is a partial view of our #WallofThanks

Team Shalva Marathon Runners

Over 400 runners running for love, hope and human dignity

You! Yes You!

The incredible Team Shalva who spend months training and fundraising. Who together raise almost $1,000,000 and run over 8,000km.

Albert Pujoles

For embracing Shalva's children

Super star baseball player and first basemen for the Los Angeles Angels

Thanks for your all-star friendship and support.
Our shared values served as the basis for an instant connection which was taken to a whole other level by your memorable visit.

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View video of Albert Albert Pujols throwing out the first pitch at Shalva National Center Stadium HERE

Shalva National Center

Thanks to the incredible facilities
These incredible facilities are beginning a new chapter for disability care. And are a dream come true for thousands of children and their parents.

Nir Barkat

Mayor of Jerusalem


At every special event, Nir is there; to cut the ribbon, to say a meaningful word and support us and our programming.

Ori Sasson

Olympic Medalist #Rio2016

He's our man!

Thank you for your bravery and the Judo program that you’ll be leading! Your amazing journey, representing Israel was inspiration to all of us. Congrats on the Olympic brass!


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The Families

You are strong. You are brave. You are inspiring.

We climb mountains TOGETHER

The families of our children work tirelessly to ensure their children the best opportunities. The best future. No stone is left unturned and no mountain too high to climb. Together we will give our children the best tools for a future of love, hope and human dignity.

Our Dear Children

Over 850 Children who Attend Shalva Weekly

You teach us so much

Dear Children of Shalva,

Thank you for infinite smiles and timeless life lessons!

You work so hard at each and every therapy session. Each step you take is hard-earned. You give us so much joy and inspiration and you’ve shown us time and time again that there truly are no limits.

Lior Suchard

So happy to call you our friend.

Mentalist to the Stars

You spread your magic on behalf of Shalva.
You travel the world for our children, amazing the world, bedazzling the world, all on behalf of Shalva. Your charm, mystique and magnetism are one-of-a-kind.

Our Wonderful Visitors

From around the world.

We love when you come!

Our children love when you come. You bring a breath of fresh air and a piece of yourselves with you. The love and joy you show us all is greatly appreciated. Thank you for spreading Shalva’s message around the world. Israel is full of amazing places to visit. Thank you for recognizing Shalva as the special place that it is.

To our sponsors, partners & supporters

You are changing lives!

Thousands of children and their family members thank you!

Thank you for helping us grow and continue changing lives. Your generosity is the lifeblood and oxygen of our programs. The transformative impact that we’ve made is to your credit.

Our Bikers & Trekkers

You climbed Kilimanjaro, biked through Iceland's volcanic regions and trekked through vast lava fields

You proved that nothing is impossible!

You’ve gone to endless lengths to raise the banners of love, hope & human dignity on all corners of the globe. Your dedication is incredible.

Hundreds of Volunteers

The heart and soul of Shalva

It takes a village...

Our volunteers give of their time and effort and without them Shalva just wouldn’t been the same.
Thanks for the spirit

You, our reader!

For carrying the banner of hope, love and human dignity

We couldn't do it without you!

Thank you for planting the seeds for a better, more inclusive future. By choosing to support Shalva, you are carrying Shalva’s most important banner and sending an incredible message to the world.