Statistics don’t tell the story. It’s not what motivates us, it’s the specific stories that do and seeing see how one life is changed….one life at a time.

We thought you would want to experience the impact that your support has had on the lives of others. Read some of the stories behind the numbers.

This is our band

When the Shalva Band’s director, Shai Ben-Shushan, received the prestigious Shalem Foundation award for Outstanding Volunteer Service, he passed on the recognition to the members of the band, because it they who are making the impact on the community. Here’s one shining example:

The Shalva Band took to the bustling streets of mid-town Jerusalem for a sidewalk performance. Like all street performers, there was an open guitar case for donations. A couple hundred Shekel’s worth of loose change dropped into the case in support. The band’s director, Shai Ben-Shushan, asked the members what they wanted to do with the money… maybe pizza?

The band reached a group consensus that the money they raised should be passed on to the needy who themselves have taken to the streets to collect.

Amazing, right?

These are our runners

Running the Jerusalem Marathon with Team Shalva is a statement of purpose and everyone who jumps on board has a story.

Meet Daniel Rosen and his daughter Shoshana.

Shoshana was born with disabilities of her own and the Rosen family as a whole is constantly raising the banner of love and hope for individuals with disabilities by creating inclusive and accessible programming in their home-town of Sharon, Massachusetts`. But that wasn’t enough. David sought a way to amplify his voice on an international scale and so he’ll be running the Jerusalem Marathon – among the toughest routes in the world – while pushing Shoshana in her wheelchair at the same time.

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These are our supporters

While every dollar from our donors directly impacts the children of Shalva, Shellie D. wanted to create a tangible aid program beyond the usual one-off monetary gift.

Her idea was simple: aside from handling the day-to-day challenges of raising a child with disabilities, many families shoulder the additional burden of financial hardships. How about crossing off clothing shopping from these parents’ lists? Shellie coordinated at length with our administration and created personalized winter wardrobes for a group of children in our preschool program.

Going the extra mile doesn’t necessarily mean giving more… it means giving with heart.

These are our visitors

Maka Chicua is a make-up artist, singer/songwriter and a mother. She also happens to be the first lady of Georgia, married to the country’s president, Giorgi Margvelashvili. She was recently in Israel for a few days and chose to visit Shalva as one of two humanitarian appearances.

Arriving with the wife of the Georgian ambassador to Israel (and a fancy security detail!), Maka was enchanted by Shalva’s amazing story and even more impressed by our ongoing programs and future expansion plans.

Maka’s inspiration is a testament that the values of love, hope and human dignity know no borders.
Come again!

These are our volunteers

When we say that Shalva supports families… we’re talking about this.

The Afternoon Activity Center is bustling with young adults, both with and without disabilities who are forging relationships and simply having a blast. Inbar and Refael (the kids call him “Felly”) Grossman are twins with Fragile X Syndrome currently in the Tamar group. They are two of seven children in the Grossman family.

Unfortunately, Mr. Grossman suffered a family loss, and was to ‘sit Shiva’ for Shabbat away from home, leaving Mrs. Grossman to tend to seven children – including the twins – by herself. Inbar and Felly are particularly close to Vered, one of the volunteers in the Tamar group, and when she heard about the Grossman’s situation she quickly grabbed the opportunity to usher the twins into her own home for the weekend – making a challenging situation just a bit easier for the Grossmans.

Wow. Just wow.

When you impact a child you impact their future, their families and society.

Impact a Child Today
Impact a Child Today