The law on services for individuals with disabilities was presented at Shalva in the presence of Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Minister of Welfare Meir Cohen.
By choosing Shalva as the location to present this important law, the government showed just how strong their support for the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities into society is.
We thank them for this honor and on behalf of Shalva’s children and families, thank them for making sure this new law was voted in.
Kalman Samuels met with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Welfare before the conference and told them: “the Talmud speaks of a man who buys his world in one moment, with one great act, and this is exactly what happened here. You did a great act that changed the world of disabilities forever, by giving families greater freedom to choose services.”
Yair Lapid, who himself is a father to a woman with disabilities, said that with this law the State of Israel is saying to individuals with disabilities, “We are in this TOGETHER!”
Yochanan Samuels, CEO of Shalva, said, “The right of people with disabilities to independence and a full and independent life has always existed and now the Israeli government also recognizes this and is actively working to create an inclusive reality.”