Bezalel Art School Work: Coloring our World with Hope

Students from various departments of the Bezalel Institute of Art come to Shalva each week to create art projects with our participants. Each pair of students is matched up with a group of six children or teenagers for four hours a week. The students teach different art modalities including ceramic design, art, animation and photography. All groups are accompanied by volunteers doing national service. The project is documented throughout the year by Bezalel students using still and video photography.

The project is organized by a Shalva coordinator, who is in close contact with the Bezalel administration. Students report weekly on their activities to their social projects adviser and receive ongoing training throughout the year both by the Office of the Dean of Students and by the professors and heads of department.

The open environment and close attention of the Bezalel students create an atmosphere which is dynamic, flexible and personalized. This unique environment allows the children to express their individual artistic talents under the personal and caring guidance of the top art students in the country.