As millions of Jews around the world gathered to celebrate the festival of lights with candle lighting ceremonies, the city of Jerusalem took on the mandate of “lighting up the night” to a whole new level with the unprecedented gesture of illuminating city landmarks in recognition of Shalva’s work. Timed to coincide with a special fundraising broadcast on Keshet channel 12, the Old City Walls, Jerusalem’s City Hall Safra Square, and the Chords Bridge at the entrance to the nation’s capital were also lit in purple lights as Jerusalem kicked off the holiday season dressed in purple in support of Shalva.  The 90-minute broadcast raised funds for therapies for Shalva’s children, and included performances by the Shalva Band with celebrity artists and featured stories of Shalva program participants; following their journeys with personal interviews and video documentaries.

And the city of Jerusalem celebrated and rejoiced, and for the children of Shalva there was light and happiness, joy and glory.