A group of 16 girls from Modiin, all celebrating becoming Bnot Mitzvah in the coming year, have spent much of this year voluntarily doing acts of kindness. One such chesed was a visit to Shalva on February 21st.The girls were deeply moved by the people they met there and their experience. So much so, that they took action and held a citywide bake sale, and donated all the proceeds to Shalva. Some of the girls also sold candy and lemonade for the same cause. Additionally, a few of the girls ran the Jerusalem Team Shalva 800 meter run on March 17th with Shalva’s children.

Many of the participants have chosen to share what going to Shalva and raising money for the organization meant to them:

Gracie -Before I got there I didn’t know what to expect. When I got to Shalva, I realized that it’s not a place for disabled kids, it’s a place for kids with disabilities. Shalva really helps them in a great way to be like regular kids. They can jump in ball pits, play musical instruments, learn how to swim and even play basketball. When we found out that Shalva is run by donations, we wanted to support them too.
The day of the bake sale we were all really excited. My friends and I sold lemonade and people stopped and bought from us because they heard that it was for charity. I’m happy I got to be part of this chesed.

Lital – Shalva was an amazing place that I loved because I loved seeing those happy kids getting the care they needed and having friends. It was also super fun to see how happy they were when we came. It makes me happy when kids with special needs are happy. It made everyone happy.
I really enjoyed baking and selling for the bake sale. I was also happy to be with my friends.

Adina – I thought Shalva gave a whole new world of hope to kids with disabilities. In other places people would look at the kids and think “What’s wrong with them?”, but there they can be themselves and have a great time with many friends.
The bake sale made me so happy to be able to give money to help Shalva. We made a lot more money than my Imma and I thought we would!

Yarden – I had an amazing experience going to Shalva, I learnt so much. Seeing the people who work there is incredible too because they have very special relationships with the kids and the kids love them. I learnt that even though someone might be a little different than you, you should give them a chance – they might surprise you. I also loved the process of the donation. The bake sale was a blast! And of course the candy sale! I loved seeing people help others!

Eliya – In Shalva l understood that instead of looking at the kids there as disabled kids, I should first look at them like kids who are exactly like me and realize that we aren’t that different.
At the bake sale l noticed how many people go out of their way and are happy to buy cakes and other yummy things so they can support a very important charity. I was so happy to be a part of this opportunity.

Elianne – When I heard we were going to Shalva I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure how the kids will react to me. I was taken aback. But then I got to know them, I got to see what they do, and I understood that they are human just like me. And I learnt a big lesson for my future. I learnt that looking at the outside of someone and judging him right away isn’t the right way to be. I also noticed how optimistic they were, and that they never complained, they always had a smile on their face. I think that having the opportunity to meet those kids and learn what they go through in life is very special. I am so happy I got the opportunity to be a part of this.

Maayan – I like Shalva because they help kids with disabilities wherever they come from and whatever they have. I had a lot of fun doing a bake sale and candy sale to raise money for them. What I liked most was taking a tour around Shalva and playing with the kids because it was educational, fun and entertaining.

Yardena – Shalva appreciates everyone just the way they are. They take care of the kids there just like any other child would want to be treated. When we were there we got to play with the kids and we understood that they aren’t very different from us, just that they have a disability. Shalva is supported by donations so that the families that need their services do not have to pay. Therefore my friends and I organized a candy and bake sale to raise money for Shalva. I hope our community continues to donate and care about others.