Shalva’s incredible success has been the inspiration and muse for many organizations in both Israel and around the world. This ripple-effect is crucial to Shalva’s mission of broadening the collective consciousness and paving the way towards a better, more inclusive world for everyone.

You may have heard about Shalva’s popular Bnei Mitzvah Twinning project, when young adults choose to pair up their special day and celebrate it together with a peer from Shalva’s programs. It’s really the ultimate win-win.

You may have also heard about “Mitzvush”, Israel’s version of “Bridezilla” or “My Super Sweet Sixteen”, this particular version of the party-documentary focuses on Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations in all of their elaborate (sometimes unabashedly over-the-top) extravagance.

What you may not know is that Mitzvush dedicated an episode in the break-out series to a Bat Mitzvah that took place in the Shalva National Center; complete with dancing, a festive meal and a fun cupcake decorating activity.

The publicity that Shalva received courtesy of Mitzvush provided all-important airtime to individuals with disabilities, a demographic which is too often marginalized. This particular episode broadcasted the invaluable lesson that every single person, regardless of their level of ability deserves a chance to be appreciated in the spotlight and catapulted into adulthood with the most possible fun.