This year summer camp at Shalva is looking a little different, but we’ve planned creative projects and activities within the parameters of the current health regulations to ensure that our children are having fun while keeping healthy and safe. Shalva’s day camp will be operating through most of July and August, with Shalva’s traditional week-long “sleep-away camp” taking place in the middle. This year, Shalva’s day camp will not have any program-wide carnivals or field trips; and group activities will be taking place separately in designated locations. The sleep away camp will not involve an overnight component; rather, it will end at 5:00pm after a full day of activities and meals at the Shalva National Center. We’ve planned sports, music, drama, and art activities; as well as workshops with specialists to enrich our program with magic shows, drumming circles, and theater performances that can be conducted in small groups. We have 250 registered campers and we are all looking forward to a summer full of fun!