Families turn to Shalva to provide much, much more than therapy.

We give them peace of mind.

And giving them that feeling is made possible by layering respite, information, comfort and advice for families on top of top-quality therapy and education for their children.
We spoke to Tamar, who has attended Shalva’s early intervention programs since her daughter Tehila was a newborn in Me and My Mommy.

In her words: “Shalva has taken care of us. They’ve been a shoulder to cry on through every struggle and cheering fans every time Tehila made a milestone. They’ve answered every question; treated us with love and patience. Shalva is my family’s Guardian Angel.”

Now Tehilah is two years old and transitioning into the Inclusive Early Childhood Day Care Center. The first day of this breakthrough program in the new Shalva National Center was attended by the distinguished Gideon Shalom, the Senior Vice President of Israel’s Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, and Department Director of the Disabilities Care Branch.

Mr. Shalom came to ceremoniously affix a Mezuzah to the doorway of one of the inclusive classrooms. And to say that the event was emotional is a massive understatement.
“The Mezuzah symbolizes that we are constantly protected. We are reminded of a higher power between every transition; when we go in and when we come out. I have personally spoken with countless parents who simply wouldn’t carry on without Shalva in their lives. They have many rooms in their house, each with a Mezuzah. But Shalva is the Mezuzah that lets them feel at home.”

We caught up with Tamar again after the event luncheon. “I love Shalva and have always been blown away with their staff and facilities, but this new building is beyond any of my dreams. I couldn’t image how to create a more perfect place for Tehila to grow up and learn.”
This momentous occasion, as it aligns with the National Center’s program launch, is really one for the books, and we’re so glad to been able to have shared it with you.