Our revolutionary programs’ wheels keep turning at a dizzying pace. There’s just so much going on! Here are three standout international cases of community engagement.

Have you heard about our ambassadors yet? You should. These young men and women, spending their post-high school year in Israel dedicate their time to interface between Shalva and their respective Yeshivot and sems. These elite volunteers enjoy exclusive access intimate gathering and Shalva’s behind-the-scenes magic.
Just last week the ambassadors came for an evening visit and our surprised sleep-over participants with snacks, songs a whole ‘lotta paint! Tables were lined up with brushes and bright colors for a one blast of a pre-pajama time activity.

On the other side on the pond and across the world, members of Team Shalva are lacing up and training overtime ahead of the Jerusalem Marathon. It’s just a few weeks away excitement is hitting a fever pitch. These runners are raising crucial funds and awareness on behalf of Shalva’s children.

And on a final sporting-challenge front, our Kili-climbing super-athletes embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to scale the world’s largest free-standing mountain. They will plant a flag overlooking Kilimanjaro’s mindblowing vistas and broadcast loud and clear that we are ready for a warmer, more inclusive world.

So here is a tremendous shout-out to the friends around the world raising the banners of love, hope and human dignity.