After weeks of anticipation and preparation, the night was finally here. We gathered our yoga mats, the most green cucumbers, and the best nail polish we could find, and made our way to Shalva for “The Eshel and Shalva Spa Night”. Shalva’s magnificent new facility was the perfect venue for our event. We began setting up our mats, putting out the freshest smelling creams, and playing our spa music. The Shalva girls started to make their way to our “spa”. Everyone was dressed in pajamas and it really felt like one big sleepover party! The Shalva girls and the Eshel girls had an instant connection. It was really easy to make new friends while giving each other manicures. The massage train was a highlight for me, where my Shalva friends and Eshel friends switched off giving me a massage! We all had an amazing time that night and really felt like a part of the Shalva family. “The Eshel and Shalva Spa Night” was a success! – Jill Mamiye