The COVID-19 outbreak resulted in tens of cancelled performances for the Shalva Band, as well as a cancelled tour in the United States. The new reality which resulted from the COVID-19 outbreak; however, led to new opportunities, including a collaboration with the famous Israeli composer and conductor Kobi Oshrat. The Shalva Band and Oshrat recently launched a new song called TOUCH, which is about building connections between people and being thankful for life’s blessings.

When Kobi Oshrat first met the Shalva Band backstage at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest; like many others, he was taken aback by the band’s magical aura. He approached them to wish them good luck and expressed interest in working together with the band in the future. A mere few months later, Kobi revealed that he was battling Cancer on a television broadcast in which he shared that he would have to undergo a kidney transplant. That same month, Kobi and his wife attended Shalva’s gala dinner in Israel which, of course, included entertainment by the Shalva Band.  At that event, Kobi was approached by a young man who he had not previously met, who told him, “Nice to meet you, I am your donor.” It turns out that this young man was inspired by the television broadcast and decided to donate a kidney to Koby should he be considered an appropriate match.

When lyricist Nili Peterson sent Kobi Oshrat the lyrics to the song TOUCH, it was clear to Kobi that it would be most befitting to perform together with the Shalva Band, at whose event he first met his kidney donor. Undoubtedly, there is no one more capable than the Shalva Band to translate this moving story of humanity and hope into a creation of beautiful music with classic, feel-good vibes. The music video was filmed just two days before Kobi’s kidney transplant.


Watch TOUCH – Official Music Video