At the Prime Minister of Israel’s annual pre-passover gathering, The Shalva Band had the honor and opportunity of playing for his guests. Hundreds of leading government officials and dignitaries were in attendance at Tel Aviv’s main conference center.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was visibly moved by the band’s performance and insisted on joining them on the stage during an encore to personally thank them for their efforts and inspiration. Mr. Netanyahu received an autographed copy of the Shalva Band’s debut album “Everyone Can Shine”. No title could be truer to the essence of the Shalva Band and the message that they are sharing with all of Israel.

This was an incredible opportunity for the Shalva Band and for the audience to experience first hand the acclaimed musical artistry of the band as well as the magic of inclusion.

As the band’s popularity grows, a new political trend can be noticed: Leading figures in Israel’s political halls are choosing to be represented by Shalva. This is both a statement of their present values and their vision for Israel’s cultural future as a holistic and inclusive society. More and more, honorable individuals who represent different facets of Israel leadership are taking tours of our current and future facilities. After being exposed to the sheer, inspirational power that Shalva’s multi-tiered programming offers, they in turn seek to pass on the excitement to others.