On Friday, October 27. we had our first ever “Shalva Palooza Carnival” opening event for all the Yeshiva and Seminary students studying in Israel for the year. The carnival was run by these students for our kids in the ganim and maonim. The festivities included tens of different carnival games, popcorn, cotton candy, singing, dancing, a moon bounce, and tons of fun and smiles all around. Each student was either in charge of running a booth/station or paired with one of the kids of Shalva.

 The event was BEYOND successful spreading the love and enthusiasm of Shalva throughout all the Yeshiva and Seminary students throughout Israel. All of them expressed ecstatic interest in being a part of Shalva this year including running in the Marathon.  There were over 200 students in attendance, and the word got out to those other people who didn’t come how much they missed out and they are already messaging us to know about upcoming events.

 It was an incredible morning, and incredible start to the year, and an incredible sight to see our unique way of Shalva inclusion at full force.

 Thanks so much to everyone who helped make it happen. Looking forward to continued success and inclusion.

 Check out a video recap one of our volunteers made!