Last week, in a devastating fire that left its mark on the Neve Yaakov neighborhood of Jerusalem, the Maskilei Pihu middle school was destroyed. The school is a fixture of the community and provides special education for young adolescent boys from the religious sector around Jerusalem.

With nowhere to hold classes, Shalva immediately answered the call to take in the entire school. Their day commences with prayers in the National Center’s spacious synagogue and regular classes are held on the second floor; home to Shalva’s afternoon program. The area is particularly well-suited for the task as it is comprised of warmly decorated Activity Rooms where the various groups of the afternoon program meet and have a great time every day. These bright, dynamic spaces were easily converted into classrooms. It was amazing to see the classroom doors with Maskilei Pihu welcome signs positioned next to their respective Shalva afternoon group host’s plaques.

Aside from ensuring that these children continue on-track with their curriculums and development plans, Shalva also put their parents’ minds to rest. They are confident that their children are well taken care of and that there is a broader community – inspired by Shalva’s leadership – that they can turn to in times of need.