A group of children at Shalva, all of whom were becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah this year, had a joint celebration of their coming of age.  The event began weeks in advance, when the children went shopping with the Shalva staff to Tamnun (a clothing chain) to shop for clothes for the occasion, all donated by the store.  A photographer took pictures of each child, which were printed on canvas and presented to the celebrants. On the day of the event, a make-up artist and beautician came to do the girls’ makeup and hair.

The children made their entrance into the dining room, which was festively decorated by the National Service volunteers. After a sumptuous catered meal, the program began, including greetings from two of the children, a brother and sister, a film of the children, with their wishes for the future, a song that the children sang.  The party continued with lively dancing into the night, accompanied by a DJ.

A great time was had by both the children and their families.  It was a night to remember.