On Monday, Feb. 19, Shalva Gush hosted its traditional Purim fair.  Every year, we invite the Alon Shvut community to our Shuk Purim.  The market is open to all, free of charge.  This is a way of strengthening our connection to this amazing community and thanking them for their longstanding cooperation. It was particularly moving to see our children in the role of givers and not only receivers.

Over 300 people attended this festive event.  The theme for this year was “the jungle,” which was chosen by the children themselves in a secret ballot. The children also chose which booth they wanted to work in. The entire Shalva Gush was transformed into a jungle, and all the booths continued the festive theme. The children were also active participants in hanging posters throughout the community, and in decorating the fair.  The fact that the children were actively involved in the planning and execution of the event was empowering, and gave them a feeling of partnership and responsibility.

The event was very successful and festive, and all who attended left with a stronger connection to Shalva Gush.