Social impact. How are our programs effecting not only the children receiving therapy, but the community as a whole? This signature ripple effect is central to Shalva’s mission. We can help a child walk, hold a spoon… hold a job, but if the culture isn’t embracing, then we’ve reached a dead-end.

That’s why our plethora of advocacy initiatives are vital to how we quantify Shalva’s success. In 2016 alone, we reached 70,000 friends. Each one contributes to raising the banners of love, hope and human dignity across the globe. And it’s their support that make our transformative programs possible.

Because of this, Shalva is proud to announce the launch of our new Ambassadors Program which is already making waves. Spearheaded by the renowned Sammy Schaechter, Shalva’s overseas volunteer coordinator, the Ambassadors Program gives key students at Yeshivot, seminaries and gap-year program the chance to be influential members of their respective student bodies, coordinating between their peers and Shalva’s packed event schedule. These ambassadors receive special access, branded swag, meetings with internationally sought speakers, personal tours, luncheons, Shabbatonim, fund-raising aid and more.

Last month, the students of the Orayta Yeshiva in the Old City spent their Shabbat with Shalva, with an amped-up Kabbalat Shabbat, spirited meals and afternoon activities that left everyone in peals of laughter. The weekend was brought into fruition by Orayta’s ambassador and Sammy’s teamwork.
It’s an amazing opportunity to spread the word and make a real difference.