The Shalva Institute for Education, Training and Research is a long-awaited dream-come-true for Shalva; introducing an educational forum to share Shalva’s expertise in the field of disability care beyond participating in our core rehabilitative programs. The Shalva Institute will offer a range of virtually-based continuing education courses, lecture series, conferences, and personalized professional guidance packages. Shalva recently received accreditation from the Israeli Government’s Ministry of Education to provide continuing education certification to public sector employees and we look forward to launching a series of courses in the coming year for teachers, dentists, hospital-based staffs, and military personnel on relevant topics in disability care and inclusion. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated program closures have caused many parents and caregivers of children with disabilities to step into the role of co-therapists and the Shalva Institute’s services will be instrumental in supporting them in this task.