We were Team Shalva. We were almost 1,000 runners, 550 from around the world. We are Team Shalva. We run for hope, love and human dignity.

Every person involved – from the dedicated Shalva staff to the participants – prepare all year for this momentous event, planning, fundraising and training. Although it always seems to pass in a flash, it is an experience of a lifetime.

Participating in Team Shalva means coming to Jerusalem for a long weekend in March. This year was Thursday, March 16 to Sunday, March 19.

Spending Thursday in Shalva’s new national center gave this year’s runners the unforgettable opportunity to see and experience Shalva’s professional and caring touch from up close. The wonderful Shalva Band with Shalva kids was a true highlight as were the Shalva tours and the sumptuous Pasta Party – all of which took place in the stunning new center in Jerusalem.

Also running for Shalva this year were Israeli Olympic judoka and a good friend of Shalva, Ori Sasson, as well as Israel’s veteran hero, Yehuda Yitchak Ha’Yisraeli. During Operation Protective Edge in 2014, Yehuda was badly injured while trying to save Hadar Goldin z’l. Yehuda’s fellow soldiers ran with him, pushing him in his wheelchair and holding his hands. Not much can compare to the comradery, love and joy experienced at the Community Run at the Jerusalem Marathon.

Shalva has begun preparing for Team Shalva 2018 and we truly look forward to experiencing it with you. See you March 9th in Jerusalem!