SHALVA is so proud and excited to announce our partnership with the Tipat Chalav in creating a continuing education course for nurses in how to care for special needs babies.

Due to the differences in various developmental issues, SHALVA and Tipat Chalav thought it would be of vital interest to nurses who see special needs babies on a daily basis become more familiar with their needs and challenges. Under the auspices of the Department of Welfare, nurses from all over Jerusalem will be invited to the SHALVA Center for a 6- week course to create awareness and education for professionals in the world of medicine for children with special needs. This course, the first of its kind, will be given weekly as part of the SHALVA “Me and My Mommy” program, which focuses on the needs of parents and their babies from birth to eighteen months. The hands-on classes will be taught by therapists and social workers in the field of special needs care, and focus on topics such as the rights of families to help their patients, available services, inclusion, para-medicine and empowerment, to name a few. The course will serve as a component of a certification in the field of special needs education and we look forward to it being a success and widening the community of special-needs proficient health care professionals in Jerusalem.