Or, the First Model with Down-Syndrome to be Featured in Israeli Mainstream Advertisingor

SHALVA loves to break barriers and shatter expectations. But one of our own SHALVA kids defied all expectations recently be becoming the first child model with Downs Syndrome in Israeli history!

An Israeli school supply company called “Nickname” encouraged parents to send in cute pictures of their little ones in an open modeling casting call. When they received Or Shkiba’i’s photo, they were surprised, but not in the way you might think. They simply thought that our little Or was adorable, and promptly decided to use her in their campaign. Representatives from Nickname were very impressed with Or’s professionalism and the way she played so nicely with the other child models. When they were told it was a huge breakthrough to use a special-needs child in their advertising, they thought it was rather funny- to them, Or was just beautiful and natural.

Or is a student in SHALVA’s  4 and 5 year old gan/kindergarten program, receiving full-day school services at SHALVA’s Har Nof center. She now becomes the first Israeli child model with Down Syndrome and we are so proud of our special Or!


Click here for an interview of Or and her mother on Israeli National TV (interview in Hebrew)