This past Succot, Shalva made its mark on Jerusalem. There were so many incredible ways to meet and interact with our organization.

In case you missed out on the goings-on, we’ve pulled together a little wrap-up.

Throughout the holiday, guests staying at the Waldorf-Astoria in Jerusalem were introduced to Shalva and were presented with unique and meaningful ways to donate to the cause. The hotel graciously set up a display of some of Shalva’s happiest faces.

On Friday of Chol HaMoed, the Shalva National Center opened its doors for a community day. The public was invited for tours inside the spectacular facility to see the magic up close and first hand. The gorgeous National Park for Inclusion was also available for everyone to enjoy. Kids of all abilities had a blast climbing, swinging and rocking on the uniquely accessible installations. The treats served were yummy too.

On the other side of town, Shalva made waves at the Bank Mizrahi Fair at the Mamilla mall. We sold some crafts, enjoyed great food and music and made lots of new friends.

Over Shabbat, the Great Synagogue hosted Shalva for the weekend. Kalman Samuels, Shalva’s Founder and Chairman, addressed the congregation and a unique exhibit dedicated to Shalva’s long-lasting cultural impact was displayed in the adjacent hall.

It was so special to reunite with our friends from around the world and start lots of great new relationships at the same time.

Thank you Jerusalem for making this Succot so memorable!