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Over Chanukah, the children of a unique branch of Shalva's After School Activity Center were invited for a three-day marathon of fun; a mini-vacation at Shalva. They were treated to sleepovers, movie parties, carnivals, sports, arts and crafts, singing, dancing and much, much more. For the children themselves, the extended sleepover was an exciting change [...]

NGOs Come Together for Annual Conference

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On Wednesday, Israel's Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services held their annual NGO conference in the Shalva National Center. The Ministry's choice of Shalva as the venue for this important annual summit is a strong statement of the ever-strengthening partnership between the Shalva and the Israeli government. When addressing the audience of 360 leading [...]

Millions Raised in an Evening of Extravagance

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At the annual Shalva Gala Dinner, 2,000,000 NIS was raised to benefit Shalva's many programs for children with disabilities including a new Judo program to be headed by the esteemed Israeli Olympic bronze medalist Ori Sasson. Sasson donated his Rio Olympic Judo Jacket to Shalva which was auctioned at the dinner for $100,000. The Gala [...]

Conference on Poverty and Disability

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This week, the Shalva National Center in Jerusalem hosted the first Conference on Poverty and Disability. The event took place in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services and the Shalem Foundation. The concept was planned and executed by Prof. Rimmerman, head of the Dept. of Social Work in University of Haifa [...]

An Alliance that Crosses Borders

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Peace is achieved when different parties can rise above their differences and meet on a higher common ground. For the members of Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders, creating healthy smiles for all populaces is that higher ground. The Alliance is committed to promoting peace and well-being through oral health by building bridges among dental [...]

An olympic-sized visit

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Ori Sasson is nothing less than an Israeli national hero and a Jewish icon. A bronze-medalist in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Ori put Judo in the international spotlight and charmed the world with his personal warmth that shined through before and after all of his hard-fought matches. Additionally, Ori Sasson, like Shalva, represented Israel's strides toward [...]

The first conference of its kind

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True, Shalva provides transformative therapy and inclusion advocacy for thousands of beneficiaries. You already knew that. But there is a secret sub-plot that often comes together with disability: Families grappling with disability are far more likely to facing poverty at the same time. For so many homes, the tragic meeting of disability and poverty is [...]

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